Plura Acquires Alpermann+Velte

Acquisition of Europe’s leading timecode specialist strengthens Plura’s digital broadcast and production portfolio

PHOENIX, August 18, 2014 — Plura, a global manufacturer of high-performance digital broadcast and video production solutions, announces the acquisition of Alpermann+Velte, a leading manufacturer of timecode products, production timers and studio clock systems for digital broadcast and production environments.
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Latest themes and information:

Leap Second and Time Code
Video Source and Channel Identification
Multi-Channel Video Data Insertion
Time Delay Compensation
Ancillary Time Code (ATC) according to SMPTE 12M-2
Metadata transfer via DVB and MPEG-2
UMID - the new stamp for media material

Upcoming events:

Please visit us at one of our upcoming events. Next opportunities are:

IBC, Amsterdam (Netherlands),
September 12th – 16th, 2014

InterBEE, Tokyo (Japan),
November 19th – 21th, 2014
New! TCC70XS – Stand-alone 3G/HD/SDI Time Code Generator/Reader/Inserter


This stand-alone 19“ 1RU unit is a self-contained Time Code Generator, Reader and Inserter system. Capable of handling 3G, HD and SDI video, this piece of gear is an all-in-one Time Code solution not only for OB Vans…

New! TSG14P – Stand-alone IEEE-1588 PTP Master Generator

TSG 14 P

IEEE-1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) allows for time signal distribution over ethernet with a nanosecond accuracy. All of today‘s mandatory synchronization signals like LTC or Trilevel can be derived from that network time. The TSG14P is a master generator specifically designed to comply with broadcaster‘s needs…

New! GNS10MHz – GPS/GLONASS/QZSS double receiver module

The double receiver module GNS10MHz acts as the real-time reference for RUBIDIUM systems. It automatically switches to the most stable satellite system available. GPS, GLONASS and QZSS are supported. The second built-in receiver allows for the simultaneous connection of two antennas…

New! PM Module – 60W Power supply with Ethernet interface

The PM module is a 60W Power supply with an integrated Ethernet interface. Browser-based system configuration is enabled out-of-the box; optional features include SNMP, an NTP server, MTDoE, and an OLED display…

New! Ethernet to LTC converter - ELC

The ELC has one Ethernet input for NTP and MTDoE data and two individual LTC outputs. This small device can turn each Multiviewer or TC-display into a timer display...

New! Studio Production Timer - SPT

Up to six timers generated and distributed via Ethernet with only one selfcontained tabletop or rack mountable device ...

New! GLONASS / GPS antenna and receiver

satellite signals as the time and date reference for the RUBIDIUM Series

New! IRIG-B interface for inserter modules and UD Displays

IRIG-B insertion
Option I is now available for AV, DV and XV modules ...

IRIG-B reading Displays
UDxxI series is now available ...

New! MTD timing over Ethernet

with „option M" for IE modules. MTD timer distribution via LAN/WAN ...

New! PCIe PC-boards

PCIe bus
interface for Time Code and Video Data readers. Different boards for LTC, VITC, DVITC, ATC, UMID, Ancillary Data, Time sync ...

New! UD Display Series

UDD25 UDD25 UD56S Abstand UD300
Universal Interfaces and many formats for time, date and counters. LTC, GPIs andRS422/232/485 or Ethernet. MTD-compatible. Tricolored seven segment LEDs ...

Master Timecode Generators:

block diagramm

A fully redundant Master Time Code System for LTC, VITC, DVITC, ATC and IRIG-B plus GPS time, 10 MHz reference clock, NTP time and SNMP features.

Timecode Inserter/Converter and Video Data Processors:


Modular Time Code System for LTC, VITC, DVITC, ATC, IRIG-B, NTP time, Metadata over Ancillary Data, Data via Ethernet and RS422/232.

Time-Timer-Time Code Projects:

MTD ges3

Timer system network with control panels, displays and clocks.

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